Listed here are products and coaching resources that are recommended by the Coach's Notebook. If you are a coach looking for a better way to teach your players, someone who would like to buy a gift for a coach, a parent looking for something to improve the skills of a child or perhaps a player with the initiative to find a better way to play basketball, then I suggest you try these offerings. I have used them all and would not display them here if I did not think you could benefit by their instruction.

- Coach Jordan

The Coach's Notebook recommends these products:

The Team Scout basketball Coaching Tools

Coach Tom Nordland's NEW Shooting Video - SWISH 2

Coach Tom Nordland's Original Shooting Video - SWISH

Basketball Steps to Success by Hal Wissel

The Complete Guide to Coaching Girls Basketball

Prof Blood and the Wonder Teams

48 Championship Drills

Multimedia Sports Marketing's Video Playbook

Coach Jack Temple's Triangle Analysis

Coach Jamie Angeli's Fast Break Pass Option System

Coach Krzweski's book, Leading with the Heart